asphalt crack sealing and pavement repair services in cincinnati ohio

Asphalt Crack Sealing & Pavement Repair Services

Cracks in your pavement allow water and moisture to penetrate the surface leading to damaged asphalt, safety issues and potential sub-grade.

Reduce Pavement Deterioration with Crack Sealing

Discover how our team at Neyra Paving can restore your parking lot or driveway by performing asphalt crack filling services as part of a full-service maintenance program. Cracks in your pavement allow water and moisture to penetrate the surface leading to damaged asphalt, safety issues, and potential sub-grade. Don’t wait until a minor crack becomes a major repair project. As a local leader in asphalt and concrete repair and installation, we’re confident we can save you money and keep your parking lot safe.

Cincinnati Asphalt Crack Sealing

Businesses and homes in Cincinnati experience a wide range of weather conditions. As a local paving expert, we understand the intense heat, freezing winters, and heavy rains that can affect your parking lot. Protect your property with quality asphalt maintenance services. Crack sealing is your first step in extending the lifetime of your parking lot or driveway and improving the curb appeal of your property.

What is Crack Sealing/Filling?

Sealing and filling cracks in asphalt pavement require professional equipment and experience. Without the right team, you may end up with leaks and cracks that reappear shortly after being filled. Asphalt crack repair uses hot sealant or cold pour to fill cracks and reseal the surface of your parking lot or driveway. A small crack can allow water and UV rays to damage the foundation of your asphalt structure. Crack sealants fill cracks to prevent this ongoing intrusion by creating a waterproof barrier. Our team can help you examine the degree of cracking, fatigue, and other issues your asphalt is experiencing and develop a plan to improve and maintain your asphalt. Whether you have a large parking lot or a residential driveway, we offer the maintenance services you need.

Why Crack Seal?

Crack Sealing can reduce pavement deterioration by protecting cracks from future water penetration that could affect the underlying base and sub base layers. This restriction helps to maintain pavement structural capacity and limits future degradation.

Not only does failing pavement look bad, it is a safety issue. Problems such as potholes, cracking, or root damage can be hazardous for people and automobiles. Don’t wait for an accident to happen. We can fix any paving issues in the early stages and help you avoid a larger repair bill in the future.


Cracks are one of the leading causes of pavement failure. First and foremost, sealing cracks and joints extends the service life of the asphalt pavement. Cracks can form in the normal course of aging, or they may be the result of cracks below the surface or movements in the base caused by shrinkage. Our experts can identify the culprit and fill the cracks with an elastomeric asphaltic compound.


While crack filling is the preferred method for dealing with 7-15 mm cracks, it isn’t always the best solution. Fatigue cracking involves several interconnected cracks that form a pattern resembling an alligator’s back–just like a gator, this can come back to bite you if you don’t deal with it early. An overall treatment, such as asphalt rubber chips or Cape Seal, is your best option for dealing with fatigue cracking.

Explore the Benefits of Crack Sealing

Sealing and filling cracks is a far more cost-effective service than repaving your entire parking area lot or driveway. Your commercial or residential parking lot can last years longer with proper maintenance including crack sealing. Work with Neyra Paving to enjoy these benefits of professional crack sealing.

This service reduces the cost of your parking lot and increases the value of your asphalt investment. All asphalt lots eventually need a full-depth repair or pave service. This timeline depends on the number of maintenance steps you take to extend the life of your pavement. Our full maintenance plan uses affordable sealcoating, crack repair, and crack sealing services for reduced long-term costs.

Crack sealing is also a way to prevent injury. Even a small crack can create an uneven surface. This creates a tripping hazard for your customers or family members. Don’t let a minor crack cause a sprained ankle or other injury. Crack sealing allows you to maintain a smooth parking area and walkway for your valued guests.

Your parking lot is one of the first areas of your property that a guest sees. Don’t let a cracked, faded parking lot turn away guests, customers, or prospective employees. A fresh, crack-free parking lot makes a great first impression for your home or business.

Signs You Need Crack Sealing

Some cracks need to be sealed immediately, while others can last a few months or years before being repaired. Look for these signs and contact our paving local Cincinnati team to keep your parking lot or driveway well maintained:

  • Small cracks that are widening
  • Cracks that allow water to seep in rather than run off
  • Potholes

If there is significant fading or water leakage across your entire parking lot, it may be time for a sealcoating service. Ask our team to discuss sealcoating vs. crack sealing to select the ideal service for your current parking area.

When in doubt, work with our team to have your asphalt inspected. Our experienced technicians can discuss the state of your asphalt and any necessary maintenance to keep your property safe and up to date.

Benefits of Choosing an Asphalt Crack Sealing Service

Work with a local asphalt crack sealer to enjoy reliable repairs from your nearby experts. As a local business in Cincinnati, Neyra Paving is your premier provider of quality asphalt services. Contact us online or call (513) 733-1001 today to request a FREE asphalt pavement inspection to determine what crack sealing or filling maintenance your property may need.