Excavation, Underdrain & Water Management Services

excavation and water management services in cincinnati ohio

Kick off your construction project or complete your maintenance task with our quality excavation services. At Neyra Paving, our excavation team takes on projects with the same commitment to quality and customer service as our paving team. Explore our services to find out how you can keep your commercial or residential project moving forward.

Our excavation team uses state-of-the-art equipment to power through any service you need. We excavate for small parking lot extensions and building renovations that require sections of the parking lot to be altered. Our commitment to quality ensures you receive the very best services offered in Ohio. We strive to keep your project on budget and on time. It’s just another reason that we’re a leader in excavator, unearthing, and digging services in Ohio.
Discuss your excavation and trenching needs with our team to determine the best approach. We use careful site planning and earthmover equipment selection to create a solution that fits your project. We have a “Fine Grade Crew” that installs gravel on new construction projects. Heavy equipment gets the job done quickly, while compact skid steers, bulldozers, smooth drum rollers, and GPS capabilities can ensure that the gravel is installed correctly and efficiently.

Underdrain & Water Management

The presence of moisture or water within or beneath the pavement structure is almost always detrimental to some degree, depending upon many variables including pavement, base and soil characteristics, degree of saturation, the extent and range of moisture fluctuations over time as well as temperature variations.
Our GPS capabilities allow us to help identify pooling and ponding issues prior to a paving job being performed. This allows us to work together with our customers on a solution that meets their needs.
Underdrains are placed for base drainage, to remove excessive ground water, and to help control the excessive moisture under pavement surfaces. The most commonly used underdrain system is the pipe-aggregate underdrain system.

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