Seal Coat Your Driveway Before Winter: Fall Maintenance Tips

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Bare concrete isn’t built to stand up to Cincinnati’s cold winter temperatures. Driveways can get spalling, cracks, and visible damage through winter after winter of freeze and thaw cycles that make the concrete expand and contract. But that’s not the only risk of colder months—winter also brings ice-melt chemicals that can etch the concrete, sudden temperature changes because of your car’s hot tires, and an increased risk of stains and splotches as you park your car in the garage or on the driveway instead of in front of your home.

At Neyra Paving, we offer comprehensive sealcoating services. Concrete seal coats add extra layers of protection to concrete surfaces to keep winter damage at bay, repel stains, and stop cracks and spalls from forming. If you want to seal your driveway before the coldest part of winter, follow these simple steps.

You’ll Need to Have The Cracks and Potholes Repaired First

Professional sealcoating services start by repairing your driveway and creating a strong, smooth surface for the coating material. This includes:

  • Abrading the surface to remove the loose and damaged surface layer. The top fraction of an inch of driveways often has the weakest concrete. It’s where absorbed water sits, expanding and contracting during freeze cycles. It’s also the material most likely to hold onto stains and have physical damage from impacts and shocks. By removing this material, the stronger underlying material is revealed for the top coat to hold onto.
  • Refilling big cracks and potholes: It’s important to fill these cracks with new concrete or self-leveling concrete mixtures so the driveway becomes a solid, seamless surface. Not only will this help the sealcoat do a better job, but it creates a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Neyra Paving offers both concrete repairs and Cincinnati concrete paving services.
  • Fill in smaller cracks: Even hairline cracks, crumbly stair corners, and concrete seams should be repaired before a top coat is applied. Professional crack sealing is an essential prerequisite to a high-quality floor coating.

By doing repairs and improvements first to paved and asphalt surfaces, you create a smooth, blemish-free surface that the protective seal can hold onto.

You’ll Need to Sealcoat Before the Leaves Fall

When is the best time of year to seal driveways? While seal coats provide their best protection for driveways in the winter, when Cincinnati plunges into low temperatures and can have lots of snow and ice on the road, that’s not the best time to install a new concrete coating. Instead, schedule your project for spring, summer, or fall—before the leaves fall and before temperatures go below freezing. 

Professional concrete materials need a specific temperature range to set and create a strong, durable base. When the temperatures are too cold, the materials contract and don’t develop the right internal structure. Wet weather can also compromise the materials and make it more difficult for professionals to manage the repairs and installation.

We recommend scheduling your sealcoat project for any month when the temperatures stay above 55° F. This is the ideal temperature for repair materials and for the top coat to seal in place against the underlying concrete. You should also schedule the project for dry weather, with no rain, for at least 48 hours.

Sealcoating Will Protect Your Driveway This Winter

Coating your driveway offers a lot of advantages for Cincinnati, OH, homeowners. Knowing the best time to seal your driveway and how to start the project means your new driveway surface will last longer and look better throughout the years. Benefits of sealing concrete driveways for the winter months include:

  • Reducing the risk of expensive repairs and larger cracks in the future
  • Eliminating stains and blemishes
  • Increasing the value and sellability of your home


Request a Free Estimate from Neyra Paving for Sealcoating

A beautiful paved driveway is within reach with professional driveway sealing services from Neyra Paving. We know the best time to seal driveways and the right seal coating process for long-lasting protection. Reach out today for a free estimate to get started.

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