Establishing a pavement preservation plan with Neyra Paving can increase the value of your investment and add many years of life to your pavement saving you time and money in the future.

Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoating is a critical element of a comprehensive pavement maintenance program. It provides protection, preservation and beautification to the asphalt surface. Most importantly, sealcoating extends the life of the pavement. It also saves property managers and homeowners money due to costly repairs or the need to repave more often than necessary.

“Sealcoating is essential in pavement preservation and extending the life of your asphalt pavement,” says Greg Houser, Vice President of Research and Development for Neyra Industries. “There are many benefits of sealcoating asphalt, including improving visual aesthetics, resisting oxidation from the sun, replacing eroded surfaces, extending the life and optimizing the overall value of the asphalt pavement.” Ideally, sealing should be performed every 3-5 years, or at the first sign the pavement is deteriorating.

Why Neyra Paving?

For over 65 years, Neyra Paving has offered expert commercial sealcoating services throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. We have the people and equipment to do a job that’s fast and effective. With the proper application of coatings, you can turn back the clock on your pavement.

Sealcoating Extends Life of Pavement and Save You Money

  • PROTECTS: Against the drying action of the sun which causes raveling and cracking of the pavement and allows water penetration
  • SEALS: Against moisture and rain water that can severely damage pavements due to the freezing and thawing of the asphalt
  • RESISTS: Gas and oils which can soften, weaken and destroy the durability of asphalt pavement
  • BEAUTIFIES: Provides a dark black color surface that gives the pavement a rich, new-looking appearance