Determining the Cost for Asphalt Paving

Worker using a rake to push excess asphalt off of concrete curbing on a repaving construction project

It’s essential to receive local paving estimates. Costs can vary from location to location, so work with a paving company in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky to receive an accurate estimate for your project.

Neyra Paving is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, so we have prices that are competitive with local asphalt service providers. We understand the types of services commonly needed in the area and how to select asphalt and concrete that is designed for your local climate.

How much does it cost for asphalt parking lot repairs? It can be difficult to find the exact cost of an asphalt paving service in your area. For accurate asphalt paving costs, turn to Neyra Paving. We’re committed to providing free estimates, honest pricing, and affordable rates for all of our commercial and residential installation, repair, and maintenance services. Find out how to receive a quote and what to expect from your paving service.

How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost?

Asphalt is typically quoted based on the square footage. When you ask for a residential or commercial asphalt paving quote, you may be given an asphalt cost per square foot installed or cubic yard of concrete. Here are some typical asphalt services you can receive that may be quoted in this way:


  • Paving installation
  • Paving repair
  • Paving installation
  • Concrete pavers
  • Concrete slab
  • Line striping and sealcoating

At Neyra Paving, we offer straightforward pricing. After discussing your commercial parking lot or residential driveway project, we offer a competitive cost estimate with no strings attached. Don’t be fooled by confusing pricing schemes or additional fees, but understand the cost of your project before you commit to repairing, replacing, or installing a new asphalt parking area.

Asphalt Paving Cost Factors

Some asphalt companies may initially appear to be more affordable. Be cautious when comparing estimates to ensure you compare comparable products and services. Asphalt and concrete come in many different grades and qualities, with additives available to affect the overall strength or other qualities.

Don’t compare quotes that don’t provide the same service. Here are some common factors that you need to consider when comparing quotes:

  • Location of the paving company
  • Amount of material used
  • Type of asphalt or concrete material
  • Timeline of service

A nearby paving company can often offer a lower quote. This is in part because of the reduced travel time and costs. Be sure to discuss the application of your asphalt project. Commercial parking lots can require a thicker foundation than residential driveways.

Ask about the type of asphalt or concrete chosen, and if there are any options. Some companies quote high-quality asphalt, while others select a low-grade alternative to offer a lower quote. Finally, discuss the approximate timeline of your repair or installation project. A new installation requires multiple layers, so it can take days or weeks to complete. If you need emergency services, communicate this to your paving company to see how quickly you can expect your project to be completed.

Common Questions About Asphalt Paving Costs

You probably have plenty of questions when it comes to your asphalt or concrete project. Here are some common questions that your local asphalt company in Cincinnati can address when you request a quote:


  • How can I maintain my parking lot?
  • How long does asphalt last?
  • Why is my parking lot fading?
  • Which is better: concrete or asphalt?
  • Where can I go to receive line striping?
  • When should I have potholes and cracks repaired?

Our team at Neyra Paving can answer all of these questions and more. Many depend on the type of parking area or driveway you have, so it’s important to discuss these personally to receive a personalized answer.

Get an Estimate for Asphalt Paving in Cincinnati

Contact us online call (513) 733-1001 to request a free estimate for your asphalt paving project. As leading asphalt paving contractors in Southern Ohio, we offer quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. Work with us today to find out how you can kick off your new parking lot, driveway repair, sealcoating, or other asphalt and concrete project.


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