Tips Before Paving a Commercial Parking Lot

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Every business needs a parking lot. Suppose you are developing your land or renovating your space. In that case, planning for commercial parking lot installation is important. There are several important steps to take before the first day of parking lot paving. At Neyra Paving, we specialize in expert paving projects for properties ranging from schools and apartments to restaurants and office buildings. No matter your paving needs, we can help you build a complete plan for a beautiful parking lot and the maintenance you will need to keep it in great condition for many years of service.

Paving a Commercial Parking Lot? Consider These Tips

When planning a commercial parking lot, you want to look at the big picture. Choosing the right material, layout, contractors, and preventative maintenance plan is essential to providing your building with an excellent, long-term parking solution. Explore these tips to ensure that your parking lot project is a success.

Asphalt vs. Concrete

In Cincinnati, OH, concrete and asphalt pavement are strong choices for a commercial parking lot. Concrete is smooth, high-quality, and low-maintenance. It can also be blended and seal-coated for a variety of design styles. Asphalt, however, cures very quickly for nearly immediate use and is easy to resurface.


Discuss the needs of your lot design, such as heavy traffic, square footage, and maintenance, with your paving contractors. Compare the specific pros and cons of concrete parking lots vs. asphalt parking lots for your specific project.

How to Choose a Local Parking Lot Contractor

Choosing the right commercial property paving company can determine your lot’s speed, quality, and long-term maintenance. You’ll want to work with a team with a great deal of experience in the area and with the materials of your choice. A full-service paving contractor can provide not just parking lot paving installation but also a maintenance plan to keep your lot in beautiful condition for many years.

Qualities of an Excellent Parking Lot Pavement Job

You have likely already witnessed the difference between excellent and poor parking lot design. What makes a great parking lot includes:

  • Solid subbase layer for stability and moisture resistance
  • Proper drainage and water flow management
  • Convenient and regulation-compliant parking spaces
  • Easy flow of traffic and driveway access
  • Safe walkways and clear signage/painting
  • Durable seal coating and damage-resistant maintenance

Plan Your Maintenance Schedule Ahead of Time

Whether you choose concrete or asphalt paving, all parking lots require routine maintenance. As the weather can get below freezing in winter and slightly above 90 degrees in the summer, your lot is bound to need maintenance. Sealing and resealing, crack prevention and repair, and repainting are the most common commercial parking lot maintenance tasks.

Plan your maintenance ahead of time. Build a schedule with your paving contractor to ensure your parking lot stays in great condition before it shows signs of wear.


Perfect Installations May Need Repairs Later

It’s important to remember that even perfect installations need maintenance and occasional repairs. Parking lot paving is subject to hot sun, heavy rains, and constant traffic. The surface will wear over time, no matter how well it was installed. Keep an eye out for forming cracks and early signs of potholes. A routine maintenance schedule will also ensure that any early problems are handled expertly and immediately.

Contact Cincinnati’s Commercial Parking Lot Contractors

Your business and customers deserve a smooth and well-designed parking lot experience. Neyra Paving is prepared to help you plan, install, and maintain an excellent commercial parking lot for your building, starting with an initial consultation. Contact us today to explore your commercial parking lot options with a dedicated Cincinnati paving team.


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