How to Create a Modern Parking Lot

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paved parking lot

Types of Paving for Your Parking Lot

Asphalt and concrete are the two main paving options you have for your parking area. These impermeable materials continue to be popular, largely because they work well. Here is how the two differ:

  • Asphalt. Loved by many due to its affordability, asphalt can handle frequent traffic and is perfect for areas with cold weather. This material is also considered a green technology since it is recyclable. With great maintenance, it can last for 20 or more years.

  • Concrete. This material is great for areas that experience warmer conditions since its lighter color hinders heat absorption. Concrete also requires minimal maintenance and can last for a very long time. Additionally, you have numerous color and texture options for parking garage design.

Re-Design or Maintenance?

Modernizing your parking lot could involve a few maintenance tasks or a complete re-design. It is important to consider the current state of the space, its age, functionality, and overall condition to know which option makes more sense.

Regular maintenance includes resurfacing, crack sealing, line striping, and pothole patching. All these tasks help keep your parking space looking neat while strengthening its life and functionality.

A re-design is necessary when maintenance alone is insufficient to address the underlying issues. A re-design is also necessary to overhaul the layout, improve drainage, add better lighting, or install more eco-friendly elements. You could also use a hybrid approach by conducting targeted repairs and incorporating innovative parking solutions to improve the space’s aesthetics and functionality.

What Does Parking Lot Construction Entail?

Constructing modern parking garages takes plenty of work, with a series of key steps being necessary to develop a functional and durable parking garage. The complex process involves the following:

  1. Site assessment and preparation. You have to first evaluate the terrain, soil conditions, and drainage of the space you intend to construct the lot. Then, clear away any debris or vegetation that could block construction.

  2. Grading and excavation. Leveling the site and creating proper drainage space could involve excavating or filling certain sections.

  3. Drainage design. You may have to install various drainage systems, such as culverts, catch basins, and stormwater management facilities.

  4. Sub-base installation. A robust sub-base can support vehicle weight and prevent pavement failure. Compacting aggregate material or crushed stone can help to strengthen the sub-base.

  5. Paving. This stage involves spreading and compacting asphalt or concrete atop the parking area to attain a smooth surface.

  6. Markings and signage installation. Designating driving lanes and parking spaces helps to make your parking garage design seem more elegant.

  7. Lighting and landscaping. Your luxury parking garage can never be complete without proper lighting and landscaping. You could add green spaces, shrubs, or trees to improve the lot’s aesthetics.

  8. Final inspection and maintenance. Proper inspection is important if the parking zone is open to plenty of people, as you must ensure that its construction meets all relevant standards. Regular maintenance helps to improve the functionality and life of the space.

Contact Neyra Paving for Help Modernizing Your Parking Lot

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