Tips for Asphalt Maintenance

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Your asphalt structure needs to be maintained in order to get the most out of it. Find out how these asphalt maintenance steps can protect your residential driveway or commercial parking lot in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Inspect your parking area today and consider scheduling an affordable maintenance service to avoid costly repairs or vehicle damage.

Routinely Inspect for Asphalt Cracks and Fading

Make a habit of inspecting your asphalt for signs of wear. Small cracks, dents, or faded spots may seem like minor issues, but these small wear spots could be signs of deeper, structural issues. Early notice helps you quickly repair these minor issues before they become major problems. Resolving issues at the first sign of damage is typically much more affordable than waiting for a major pothole to form.

A small crack allows water to seep into your asphalt. It may not affect the look of your parking lot too much to consider a repair service, but these barely noticeable cracks cause water to move under the surface of your parking lot. This can lead to two problems with your parking area: a compromised foundation and expanding cracks.

Water can quickly erode the foundation of your driveway or parking area. Erosion isn’t immediately noticeable at the surface but can cause an unexpected pothole to form. Small cracks full of water expand quickly, particularly in the winter when the water freezes and expands. A long winter or sudden freeze in the Cincinnati area turns a minor crack into a major headache, so work with a local team to schedule a patch service at the first signs of asphalt cracks.

Avoid Asphalt Mulch Stains

Asphalt has a striking black tone, but this porous surface can be stained if not maintained properly. A common cause of stains is colored mulch. If you use mulch in your yard or commercial landscaping, avoid having it come in contact with your asphalt.

Direct contact with asphalt, particularly in the hot summer, can lead to colored stains across the surface of your driveway or parking lot. These stains can obstruct line striping and affect your curb appeal, so schedule a professional cleaning service or use the following DIY stain removal tip.

Clear Your Asphalt of Mulch and Oil Stains

Colored mulch isn’t the only source of asphalt stains. Oil can cause ugly black spots and an oily surface that stains anything that rests on your driveway. Use these steps to clear your driveway or hire a professional to clean your commercial lot.

First, use kitty litter to soak up any excess oil. This may not remove the stain completely but will reduce the amount of work necessary to clean the surface stain. Commercial degreasers or trisodium phosphate can be used as a spray or paste. Coat the stain with a scrubbing brush, allow it to sit for up to 30 minutes, and then rinse it away with water. These steps will remove most surface stains from your parking lot.

Schedule Routine Asphalt Sealcoating and Other Services

Extreme stains, fading, and cracks are all handled with professional sealcoating services. This service restores the surface of a parking area and covers over a number of maintenance problems. Neyra Paving is a leading sealcoating company in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Schedule services every two-to-three years to enjoy a smooth, professional surface. A new coat of asphalt sealer protects your structure from oxidation, erosion, fading, and other issues. Without routine servicing, you may need to schedule a complete asphalt replacement project.

An overlay creates a whole new layer for your asphalt service, but this isn’t always necessary. A single pothole doesn’t require an entirely new surface, so schedule a pothole repair service call for a small area of damage.

Similarly, faded lines may only need new line striping. A fresh paint job keeps parking spaces clearly visible and prevents accidental double parking. It also refreshes your curb appeal and helps you promote a thriving, well-maintained business appearance.

Improve Drainage

As you inspect your parking lot, look for signs of standing water. Water should quickly run toward a drain on the surface of your lot. Contact a local paving team if you see standing water anywhere on your parking surface.

An asphalt parking lot has a sealant that protects it against the worst effects of water damage. Unfortunately, this porous surface can still allow water penetration over time. Avoid potholes and foundation damage by preventing standing water from remaining on your parking lot or driveway for hours and days at a time.

Schedule an inspection to determine the best way to improve drainage moving forward. Installing a new drain may be easier than altering the slope of your lot. Be sure to work with a professional asphalt team on any new projects to avoid drainage issues in a new parking area.

Remove Ice and Snow

Just like standing water, ice, and snow can build up and compromise your asphalt surface. Road salt is one way to melt ice and create safe walking and driving areas, but this is also damaging to asphalt.

Work with a local paving expert to identify the best way to prevent snow and ice buildup in your asphalt. Don’t let it sit and create slipping hazards for your guests, but be sure you use asphalt-safe snow and ice removal strategies to minimize cracks and other damage.

Clear the Asphalt Surface

A clean parking lot is a great feature for your commercial property. Sweep up any loose debris and blow leaves off the asphalt surface to keep it looking great and protected. Leaves may not seem like a threat to the structural integrity of asphalt, but they can hide damaging debris. Glass shards, loose aggregate, and other debris can be a hazard to vehicles, pedestrians, and your asphalt. There may also be colored mulch or other staining debris hidden in leaf piles.

Reduce Overweight Traffic

Your parking lot has a foundation designed for a specific load rating. Be sure to find out how much weight your lot can hold before scheduling an overweight delivery or having a semi-truck routinely park on your lot.

Heavy vehicles can press down on the asphalt and create an uneven surface. Over time, this can cause cracking and serious foundation damage. Work with a paving team to lay a firm foundation for your expected loads. Work out an alternative loading area or parking location for heavy vehicles to extend the lifetime of your lot.

Work with a Leader in Asphalt Maintenance Services

Neyra Paving is your leader in Cincinnati paving. After finding a small crack or a pool of standing water, turn to this professional team for comprehensive coverage and affordable maintenance. Create a thorough inspection routine and reliable maintenance calendar to ensure years of comfortable parking for you and your guests. Whether hosting a party at your home or preparing for another busy day at your commercial location, a reliable parking lot is an important feature. Schedule a free estimate today to see how easy caring for asphalt can be with Neyra Paving. You can also reach out by calling (513) 733-1001.


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